LEA's BOX A Learning Analytics Toolbox

Learning analytics, educational data mining, formative assessment - all recent buzz words in educational research. In principle, the idea is to find theoretical frameworks, models, procedures, and smart tools to collect, aggregate, analyze, reason on and visualize large scale educational data.

LEA’s BOX is a research and development project funded by the European Commission.
The project aims at (a) making educational assessment and appraisal more goal-oriented, proactive, and beneficial for students, and (b) at enabling formative support of teachers and other educational stakeholders on a solid basis of a wide range of information about learners. That means, LEA’s BOX is a learning analytics toolbox that is intended to enable educators to perform competence-centered, multi-source learning analytics based on
     - the foundations of sound psycho-pedagogical models,
     - intelligent model-based reasoning services,
     - innovative visualization techniques, and
     - tailored to the very concrete demands and requirements of teachers and learners.

  Therefore, the project is going to build upon the existing significant and well acknowledged body of existing work in the field of learning analytics and aims to enrich that with two distinct advancements:
» Contribute reasoning algorithms and services on the basis of valid
   competence-centred psycho-pedagogical frameworks such as 
   Competence-based Knowledge Space Theory (CbKST) and
   Formal Concept Analysis (FCA)
» Contribute novel approaches to visualizing activity/performance/
   achievement data by utilizing methods such as structural Hasse diagrams
   as well as advancing Open Learner Modelling techniques

Immediate benefits for educators will be the potential to link multiple sources of educationally relevant data in a simple way, automatically aggregate and analyze the data with a focus on competencies, a gain in-depth, and a competence-oriented view of learning progress. LEA’s BOX occurs in direct cooperation with a broad basis of partner schools and teachers in the Czech Republic in Turkey, and in Austria.

Learning Analytics for Guitar Players!

Learning Analytics? Ha? Try to think about it from the perspective of a guitar player! [PDF]


LEA's Team at the kick-off meeting in
March 2014 in Graz, Austria.

Coordinator: Dr. Michael Kickmeier-Rust
Knowledge Technologies Institute
Graz University of Technology
+43 316 873 30636

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