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Master of Mindfulness: How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress by New Harbinger
How to Be Your Own Superhero in Times of Stress by New Harbinger

Excerpts from an article by Juli Fraga

Neurological research shows that tragic experiences can affect brain development and impact a child’s ability to concentrate and relax. As a result, students who grow up in these circumstances believe that it’s important to always keep a watchful eye on their surroundings.

“The trauma that our children carry affects their ability to learn,” says educator Mason Musumeci, a former literacy teacher at Reach. Because the children have witnessed such high levels of conflict, their bodies are often knotted with feelings of worry and fear, emotions that propel them into the fight or flight mode — a continuous state of stress that impacts their physical and mental health. These issues prevent them from feeling safe enough to focus in class.

Four years ago, the staff and faculty at Reach Academy in Oakland realized just how much their students needed additional tools to help them regulate their emotions. In an attempt to offer more psychological support, they reached out to Grossman who is a teacher and co-founder of Mindful Schools. The definition of mindfulness, says Grossman, is to “pay attention, on purpose, to the present moment.”

Before the children began practicing mindfulness, the teachers had struggled to help the students recognize their emotions, pay attention in class and communicate their feelings verbally instead of using their fists. After beginning the practice, a sense of serenity entered the classroom, and the teachers and school administrators recognized how much mindfulness had changed the school climate.

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